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Martinsville-Danville Region
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1919 Chevrolet Touring - Martinsville, Virginia

The Martinsville-Danville Region was formed in 1970 by a group which had been traveling to Roanoke (about 120 miles round trip) to attend their late evening club meetings.
The Region was organized Feb 8, 1970 & the Charter was granted by Antique Automobile Club of America on April 4, 1970.

The following Officers were elected from the 23 present @ the organizational meeting:

President- Robert Y. Lawrence

Vice-Pres.-Warren A. Roberts

Corr. Secretary- Douglas K. Bloomfield

Rec. Sec./Treasurer Judy Seidle

Robert (Bobby) still has the 1919 Chevrolet touring car he had when the Region was formed. “Miss Kitty” of famed TV’s GunSmoke rode in the 1919 Chevorlet in the Danville Tobacco Centennial Parade in 1976. Bobby Lawrence is the only member of the original group who is still an active member of the Region & also of ODMA. He was at the first ODMA Meeting in Richmond in 1953 (see ODMA Home page) & has only missed 2 meets in 40+ years. He attended the planning meetings for those 2 meets. Although the Club is small in number, it has hosted the ODMA Annual Car Show/Meet in 1976, 1986, 1996, & 2006. The use of wood for trophies was initiated & made by club members @ the ’86 meet. The 1st place cut-out of Va. State from Walnut and 2nd & 3rd place Shields from Pine are still in use for the annual ODMA judging car show.

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